The “Dream up the future” corporate philosophy, which we have been upholding since NRI’s founding, contains the following statements as our mission.


Discern new social paradigms and implement them.
Build client’s trust and establish relationships for mutual growth.


Roughly 30 years after the merger, we now have increasing opportunities to fully exhibit the strength of Con-Solutions* for the promotion of DX, with consulting and IT solutions running side by side with our clients.


With Con-Solutions as our strength, we will continually raise our corporate worth by providing society with value that is distinctive of NRI.


As society faces major change, NRI will fulfill its social mission through value co-creation, and continue to transform itself while looking ahead to the future toward the realization of its corporate philosophy to “Dream up the future.”

Shingo Konomoto
President & CEO
Chairman, Member of the Board
Representative Director
Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.


*Con-Solutions is the NRI business model in which consulting and IT solutions run side by side with clients from the planning and concept stages, creating and promoting business, while repeating the process of hypothesis testing.