Integrated Report (Annual Report)

Integrated Report 2023 (Year Ended March 31,2023)

・ NRI’s Corporate Philosophy
・ A Path of Unchanging Value Co-Creation
・ NRI at a Glance
・ Process of Value Co-Creation
・ Opportunities and Risks Due to Changes in the External Environment Model
・ NRI’s “Con-Solution” Business Model
・ NRI’s Corporate Philosophy and NRI Group Vision 2030 System

・ Transition of Growth Strategy
・ Looking Back on V2022
・ NRI Group Vision 2030 (V2030)
・ Medium-Term Management Plan 2023–2025 (MTP2025)
・ Interview with the CFO

・ Message from the Head of Corporate Headquarters
・ List of Materialities
・ Value Creation
・ Value Creation Capital
・ Management Basis (ESG)

・Financial Highlights
・10-Year Summary of Consolidated Financial Statements
・Consolidated Financial Data
・Non-Financial Highlights
・Non-Financial Data

・Corporate Data / Share Information

・Participation in Initiatives

・External Recognition Regarding ESG


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