Navigation X Solution

We provide an integrated service that begins at "Navigation," guiding clients from problem discovery through consulting to "Solution," implementing technology system development and management.


NRI's "shared online services" are fruit of "Navigation × Solution" business model. As an industry pioneer, NRI has been promoting the shift from “owning” to “borrowing” IT systems for more than 40 years. The shared online services enable greater cost reduction and alleviate the burden of regulatory revisions. Through these services, clients can allocate more resources on more value-added activities.

In addition, NRI has expanded its shared online offering into utility services, where shared online services are provided in combination with business process outsourcing (BPO) services.


Highlights of NRI's Shared Online Services

● History of shared online Services


● Examples of Shared Online Services


● Major Utility Services

For retail brokerage firms

NRI provides the shared online service “THE STAR,” and DSB Co., Ltd., provides comprehensive support services. They range from trade execution, clearing, settlement, account management, account transfer, and other financial services carried out on behalf of securities companies, to securities back-office works, printing, envelope insertion, and mailing services.


For asset management firms (investment trust and investment advisory firms)

NRI provides the shared online service “T-STAR,” and NRI Process Innovation, Ltd., provides the overall middle/back-office work, such as net asset value calculation for asset management firms (investment trusts and investment advisory firms, etc.) and other investment trust accounting work and investment report creation work.


Business IT creation

NRI fosters open innovation with client operations and supports client business expansion. NRI provides support across the implementation process, from IT infrastructure planning to new business creation. Following completion, we collaborate with client to share the results and risks through repeated cycles of innovation realization and examination of effects.



Global business expansion

NRI accelerates global development by acquiring highly competitive external IP through M&A. Examples of our industry leading partners include:



NRI Australia(Former ASG Group Limited) (Acquired in 2016)

Provides end-to-end services to enable clients to achieve digital transformation and innovation, from consulting to application, infrastructure, data, and security.

The main clients are governmental agencies and major financial and telecommunications companies, etc.

Planit (Acquired in 2021)

A group specialists in IT testing headquartered in Sydney. More than 1,000 specialists in testing provide a wide range of services from consulting related to improving the quality of IT systems to support for executing test processes and provision of automated tools for testing.

The largest IT testing corporation in the Oceania region.

AUSIEX (Acquired in 2021)

Providing high value-added IT services to major Australian financial institutions and IFAs through IT systems developed independently for back-office areas (securities transaction management, portfolio management, etc.) and standardized operations.



North America

Cutter Associates Europe, Ltd. (Acquired in 2016)

The founder was the person who designed and operated the first mileage program at a U.S. airline. “Brierley LoyaltyWare®,” an integrated loyalty program solution, including all necessary functions, such as membership registration for customers, recording and tracking customers’ action history, and acquiring points and mileage, as well as redeeming points.

Core BTS (Acquired in 2021)

Core BTS, Inc. is an award-winning technology solution and managed services provider. Recognized for accelerating digital transformation and cloud migration, Core BTS delivers robust cloud, modern workplace, app dev, security, and networking solutions to commercial and public-sector clients.



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